Stuttgarter Risen Onion Sets

(Allium cepa)

When people say onion sets, Stuttgarter is usually what they mean. An heirloom variety, it's the grandfather of most modern onions.

Stuttgarter has been maintained as a core variety in gardening because of its ease of growing, adaptability and good storage. 

It has a nice round shape as a set, and semi-flat once fully grown. When fed well Stuttgarter produces a large bulb, with robust flavor, great for slicing.

The industry standard, good storing with a robust flavor.  

Let us know what you need? Minimum order 500 lbs


For Producers and Bulk Retail Sales
32 lb bag
50 lb bag

For Home Gardeners, Retail Sales and Nurseries

Individual customer bags - available in boxes of 25 or 50

Onion Sets - 100 bulb bag (approx 100 bulbs by weight) with label, including planting instructions.
Shallots - 10 bulb bag with label, including planting instructions.
Garlic - 3 bulb bag with label, including planting instructions.


Each type of onion set we produce is available in any combination of the preceding packs.


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